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10 Health Marketplace, Get covered now with our comprehensive list of health benefits available on the Marketplace. We can help you find the best coverage for your medical needs! Learn more about the 10 covered benefits and get started today.


Everyone needs health insurance, and the Marketplace is a great place to find quality coverage that meets your needs. Get covered now with our comprehensive list of health benefits available on the Marketplace.

Health Coverage this Summer

The 10 covered benefits include:

Preventive Care: Without any additional cost or copayment, you can get access to preventive care like checkups, shots, screenings, and more.

Doctor Office Visits: Many plans cover primary care doctor visits when you’re sick or feeling under the weather. You could also qualify for Specialist visits depending on your plan!

Prescription Drugs: With many plans, there are no extra charges when filling prescriptions at local pharmacies or using mail-order services for medications.

Hospital Stays: If you ever need hospital care due to an emergency or illness then your insurance plan could help pay for this too! Depending on what type of plan you choose it may cover most costs associated with an inpatient stay in a hospital setting post-doctor’s referral.

 • Emergency Care: Accidents can happen and if they do we’ve got you covered if serious medical treatment is needed since emergency services are usually included as part of most plans without any added fees or co-pays*.

 • Laboratory Services/X-Rays/Surgery Coverage & More!: Other services such as lab tests, x-rays, and some surgeries may also be completely covered depending on what type of coverage you have chosen so make sure to read all details associated with each particular policy carefully before signing up for one! See which ones best fit your budget and lifestyle today!

 • Mental Health & Substance Abuse Treatment Services Are Covered Too!: This includes things like counseling sessions as well as other treatments that might be recommended by professionals who specialize in mental health or substance abuse issues – all available through the marketplace without extra expenses being incurred by consumers**.

10 Health Marketplace Benefits

 • Maternity Care Services & Newborn Baby Care Are Part Of The Benefits Package Too!: For soon-to-be moms, having access to quality maternity care from qualified providers becomes incredibly important during pregnancy – thankfully most marketplace options will allow expectant parents affordable prenatal healthcare and even postnatal newborn baby examinations (including vaccines)*!

 • Rehabilitation Services Available When Needed – A wide array of rehabilitation programs ranging from physical therapy sessions up to speech therapy sessions may be included within certain packages**!

10 Health Marketplace Benefits


 By choosing a plan through Get Covered Now’s Marketplace platform not only can people rest assured knowing their medical needs will be met but they have peace of mind understanding that these 10 health benefits (and potentially much more!) come along packaged at absolutely no extra cost – an incredible benefit when compared against traditional employer-sponsored insurance policies where individuals foot hefty sums out pocket prior experience true value. So don’t wait any longer – get started discovering all options today!

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