Affordable Health Coverage Options for Young Adults | Health Coverage for Young Adults

Make sure young adults are covered no matter the season. Get reliable and affordable health coverage with Health Coverage for Young Adults. Visit our website to find plans that meet your needs!


Young adulthood is an important time for health, but it can also be expensive. Health Coverage for Young Adults helps young adults get access to reliable and affordable health coverage, no matter the season. We understand that everyone’s needs are different and strive to provide plans that will meet the unique requirements of each person.

Affordable Health Coverage Options for Young Adults | Health Coverage for Young Adults

We offer a variety of plans with options like Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum level coverage. Our Bronze level plans provide basic hospitalization protection as well as telemedicine/virtual visits with primary care physicians and specialists at a cost-effective premium starting from $73/mo., while Silver plans provide slightly more comprehensive benefits at a slightly higher price point ($107/mo.).

Additionally, Health Coverage for Young Adults provides several incentives such as preventative visit benefits, flexible payment schedules, and premium discounts based on family size and income eligibility tiering. Plus we have partnered up with many providers in major cities across the country to bring you quality care wherever you may live or travel!

Affordable Health Coverage Options for Young Adults | Health Coverage for Young Adults

What age group is least likely to have health insurance?

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, young adults, ages 18 through 24 years, are the age group least likely to have health insurance. This group is almost twice as likely to be uninsured compared to those under 65 (27.3% of young adults lack insurance compared to 15% for all other ages).

The reasons for this can vary, but it’s largely due to a combination of their stage in life and financial situations. Typically they don’t qualify for their parent’s or guardians’ health plans any longer and typically don’t make enough money yet to afford to purchase their plan on the open market. Other common reasons may include not considering adequate coverage necessary at this stage in life or simply unawareness of how affordable health care can be with subsidies available on the ACA exchanges and even Medicaid in some states (particularly those that have expanded Medicaid eligibility.)

Affordable Health Coverage Options for Young Adults | Health Coverage for Young Adults

Which Insurance is Best for a 30-Year-Old?

In your 30s, you’re likely starting to build a life for yourself. You may have a spouse or partner, children, a mortgage, and other financial obligations. This is a time when it’s important to have the right insurance coverage in place to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Here are some of the most important types of insurance for 30-year-olds:

Life insurance: Life insurance can provide financial support for your loved ones if you die unexpectedly. This can help pay for funeral expenses, outstanding debts, and living expenses. Term life insurance is the most affordable type of life insurance and is a good option for young people who don’t need a lot of coverage.
Health insurance: Health insurance can help pay for medical expenses, such as doctor visits, hospital stays, and prescription drugs. If you have a job, you may be eligible for health insurance through your employer. If not, you can purchase individual health insurance.
Homeowners insurance: Homeowners insurance can protect your home and belongings from damage caused by fire, theft, and other disasters. It can also provide liability coverage in case someone is injured on your property.
Auto insurance: Auto insurance is required by law in most states. It can help pay for damage to your car and the other car involved in an accident, as well as medical expenses for people injured in the accident.

Affordable Health Coverage Options for Young Adults | Health Coverage for Young Adults


In conclusion, many people view insurance as an optional expense and although it has become much more accessible over recent years there are still large numbers of young adults who remain oblivious about its significance or one’s ability to get quality coverage at an affordable rate with just a little bit of research into the various options available on and off state exchanges. 

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