Who is Makeup by Mario? | Meet the Groundbreaking Makeup Artist

Makeup by Mario, Meet Mario Dedivanovic, the world-renowned celebrity makeup artist and founder of his namesake brand. Learn more about his unique techniques and focus on education to create beautiful, timeless looks.


Meet Mario Dedivanovic: the celebrity makeup artist that has made a name for himself with his iconic looks and groundbreaking techniques. He has been cited as one of the most influential and innovative makeup artists in the industry, transforming the face of makeup for dozens of celebrities and influencers alike.

Mario is known for his signature look, which focuses on using natural products to achieve a beautiful, timeless style without compromising skin health. His focus on education and passion for teaching has seen students from all over flock to attend his master classes where they can learn about everything from mixing products to creating specific looks.

In addition to being sought-after by members of Hollywood’s elite like Kim Kardashian West (for whom he coined the term “The Master Palette”), he was granted a Makeup Artist license in California before launching his eponymous brand Makeup By Mario. The brand is focused on luxury products with a few key essentials that meet both professional standards as well as consumer needs – making it accessible regardless if you’re an MUA or just want your everyday routine perfect!

Who is Kim Kardashian’s make up artist?

Mario Dedivanovic, otherwise known as ‘Makeup by Mario’, is one of the top celebrity makeup artists in the world and Kim Kardashian’s artist. He has had immense success in the beauty industry, not only working on some of Hollywood’s most iconic faces but also launching his line of products and collaborating with big names such as Anastasia Beverly Hills.

Kim has been quoted saying that she trusts Mario with all her beautiful looks and that he knows exactly what she wants before even speaking with her. He focuses on creating perfect skin for his clients which translates to glowing complexions from celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Ciara, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Chrissy Teigen, Khloe Kardashian, and Priyanka Chopra — just to name a few!

His approach to makeup is an interesting mix between editorial-style impactful makeovers and everyday wearable looks. It can range from full-glam face beat using shimmering eyeshadows or graphic liners or subtle yet effective contouring to create natural yet glowing skin — whatever look he goes for each time always ends up looking amazing!

His work has been featured in publications such as Vogue, Allure Magazine, Elle Magazine, and Harper’s Bazaar magazine – just to name a few – while collaborating on campaigns for Revlon cosmetics, Covergirl cosmetics, and L’Oréal Paris cosmetics. Furthermore, he was invited to be a part of the Billboard Music Awards backstage team every year since 2017 and created makeup looks for many singers including Cardi B., Lady Gaga & JLo ( Jennifer Lopez ). Last but not least, Makeup By Mario released his Masterclass which covers different topics from basic foundation applications up to advanced special effects techniques.


Mario’s philosophy is simple: Stay true to yourself while mastering your craft, never underestimate yourself, constantly challenge yourself – no matter how big or small – never give up, and always strive for greatness! With such dedication towards creating masterpieces and educating others about beauty through self-expression, it’s clear why Mario Dedivanovics has become a household name among the world’s elite when it comes to beauty professionals.

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